Our Story

Welcome to Devalee Boutique!!  We opened in 2017 as a mom and 2 teen team.  We are working together to give you the BEST online shopping experience possible!  Through this venture, I am able to teach my teens how important our customers are, how the financial world works and let them explore the option of being an entrepreneur.

I am married, and mom of 4 wonderful and beautiful children.  We live in the country in south Texas.  I truely value the experience of staying at home while raising our children... what a wonderful opportunity!!  I have always been an entrepreneur at heart and have dabbled in quite a few things.  But when we started our boutique, I fell in love with what I am able to do for my customers.  And to be able to teach these life-long skills and abilities to my teens fills my heart!!  This opportunity happens all because of YOU!  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for supporting our boutique and giving our family this experience!!  We hope you love your shopping experience with us and check in with us often,  If you ever need help with anything at all, please reach out to us!!

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